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The Benchtop Sander – Essential Garage Equipment...

Are you thinking about buying a benchtop sander? The belt disc sander is a fabulous machine, tackling both trimming and smoothing beautifully, faster than hand tools and with no sharpening required, a biggie when sharpening tools properly – often a skilled job – can be such a pain in the ass if you’re not experienced. That’s why you’ll find benchtop sanders in home workshops as well as professional workshops and garages. They’re easy to use, a pleasure to work with and handy for everyone from carpenters and construction workers to hobbyists making furniture, in fact any job where wood is involved. Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing the Best Benchtop Sander for the Job

Benchtop wood sanders are generally used in the early stages of the sanding process, perfect for the fast removal of paints, stains, dirt and various unwanted wood finishes. They’re great for speeding up what can be a painfully slow process when done by hand. A good quality disc belt sander is a tough machine, powerful and built to last. While benchtop sanders are not as portable as handheld versions, they’re a whole lot more versatile and powerful. The best provide you with both a belt and a disc, all built into a single convenient machine.

It’s always good to spend as much as you can afford and get the best possible quality for your cash. Better sanders are an essential investment when you work with larger pieces of wood or do a lot of sanding work. While a handheld sander works great for simply cleaning up a finished product, the benchtop versions are ideal for heavier duty work, with more power and a bigger sandpaper surface on offer. Buy one with a really powerful motor and you’ll be able to sand a lot more than wood, using it on tough surfaces like metals and plastics as well.

A benchtop belt disk sander will deliver all the power and versatility you need for most home projects. The freestanding version is a lot more costly, takes heavier grade sandpapers and is usually bought for commercial applications. So what makes a really good worktop disk sander?

The Best Disc Sanders – Things to Look Out For

  • The adjustability of the belts – can you tilt them enough? If the belt drive is stationary you won’t enjoy that essential flexibility you need for detail work. Find one that tilts as much as 90  degrees and it should handle everything you need it to with ease as well as providing a more comfortable grip without any bending or twisting, which can be fatal for your back!
  • How sturdy is the base of your chosen bench belt sander? A cast iron base is best of all, very heavy and rugged, designed to stop vibrations in their tracks and making it safer and more comfortable to use
  • Motor size is also important. The power is measured in RPM, revs per minute, and the higher the RPMs, the more aggressive the sanding. Benchtop sanding tools with lower RPMs will rotate slower, better suited to small projects. Higher RPM levels are best for bigger jobs, heavier sandpaper grades and deeper sanding
  • Look for a model with a tension release lever, which lets you change the sandpaper grit levels quickly and easily
  • How heavy is the machine itself? A disc sander with a powerful motor weighs a lot more

9 Tips for Electric Sander Safety, Care and Maintenance

Any tool that runs on electricity, with moving parts, deserves respect. Here are some essential safety and maintenance measures:

  1. Always wear protective goggles or a face mask to protect yourself against flying dust and larger chips of wood, plastic or metal debris
  2. Wear protective gloves for the same reason – your hands are probably your most precious tools!
  3. Make sure the belt isn’t either too tight or loose
  4. Stop sanding the second the paper comes loose
  5. Never use too much force when pressing the material you’re sanding against the wheel
  6. Always sand using a downward stroking motion, never upwards towards your face
  7. Care for the machine properly, following ther advice in the manual to the letter
  8. Clean out the drum after every project. You can buy a special air hose which makes things a great deal easier and cleaner
  9. Check the plugs every time, too. If they’re not working 100% they can damage the machine

Belt Disc Sander Reviews

Belt disc sander uses cover a plethora of hobby projects and bigger commercial jobs. It makes sense to buy sanding tools that meet the requirements of the jobs you carry out the most frequently, an electric sander that is fit for purpose… for your own purpose. There are some excellent belt dic sanding machine reviews online, well worht checking out. First write a list of the jobs you will be doing with your new sander, then you’ll be able to compare your real-life requirememnts with the reviews you’re reading.

How to Use a Belt and Disc Sander

As with all power tools, it makes sense to learn how to use it safely and properly before giving it a go yourself. Here’s an excellent video.

Dealing with your Car battery

Looking after your car battery may not seem important, but taking proper steps to ensure its care can prevent situations such as leaving your car for a period of time only to find the battery is dead or one day you find the battery needs replacing. Listed below are steps to looking after your car battery:

Check your electrical wiring

Ensure the battery terminals and wiring aren’t covered in residue such as rust and ensure the connections are tight to prevent arcing. Erosion of the battery terminals can prevent your car from starting due to electrical resistance, simply cleaning them using a wire brush can prevent this. When cleaning the terminals make sure you are wearing preventative safety gearing such as gloves and googgles, as the white powder also known as lead sulfate is dangerous if inhaled, ingested or makes skin contact. If your battery terminals are heavily eroded connection could be lose at at time, at this point it would be advised to pick up a new battery, there are some cheap websites which offer batteries for most makes and models such as Car Batteries UK

Keep batteries clean and dry

A filthy battery surface can cause your battery to short circuit. Ensure when you’re working inside the bonnet you don’t spill anything onto the battery, keep the cover closed at all times.

Keep your battery charged

Undercharged or under-utilised batteries will gradually lose capacity over time, effectively lessening the life of your battery. This can happen in high humidity conditions through the winter or vehicles left unused for long periods of time. It’s imperative to keep a battery completely charged to guarantee the longest life for your battery.

Manoeuvre carefully

For your car’s wellbeing we suggest you have your battery checked and tried by an expert during services or garage trips. Metallic objects which conduct if put across the terminals can cause the battery to short so beware when youre working with the battery. Batteries contain sulfuric acid which is corrosive so make sure no part of your body or any objects come into contact with the acid should it leak. In the event that this happens, use water to dilute the acid and wash it away immediately. Batteries are heavy so take caution when lifting and if the battery has one, lift by the handle.

Adverse condition care for your battery

Nobody enjoys getting up on a cold morning and neither does your car. attempting to start your car in harsh environments may cause it to experience the ill effects of weather and can result in unnecessary wrenching which has an enormous impact on the engine and electrical framework.

Keeping your car in the garage or even a car port in these conditions can prevent this issue, otherwise starting the car slowly and allowing it to run for a couple of minutes before driving it is advised.

Check the battery is not loose.

Damage can come to your battery if it is not properly secured, give the battery a quick grab and see if it moves.

Check the age of your battery.

Certain batteries are produced to be more resilient in bad weather conditions. However no matter how good the battery after time if its going to need replacing, generally they have a 3 year life expectancy, obviously many will live past this but its best to check if your battery is getting on in years.


The first clues when your battery is on its way out comes when the car is started, but the reasons the battery is not performing optimally are not always clear. If inadequate charger is reaching the starter you will hear a clicking sound and the car won’t start. Many garages and shops such as Halfords can perform a battery test to see whether your battery needs replacing, sometimes the alternator can be defective.


Top Car Companies

A huge variety of makes and models of cars are produced in factories all over the world, it is a fast growing and adaptive industry. The car industry dates back over 100 years and shows no sign of slowing down.

We have witnessed the fall of car companies and the rise of other now giants, some listed below:
Toyota is the Car manufacturer that has developed well known models like the Yaris, corolla, dyne, innovate and IQ. Toyota are known for providing good quality cars at a low price.

General motor’s (GM) is a US car giant which is the parent company for many well known brands such as Chevrolet, Hummer, Saturn, Pole, Saab.

The Volkswagen Group is arguably one of the most well known, it is a German car giant which is the parent for many well known car makes such as Audi AG, Skoda, SEAT, Scania and more premium makes such as Bentley and Bugatti.

Another american giant, Ford introduced some of the best and finest models of cars, trucks, tractors and buses known today. They cater to many climates and preferences and generally are affordable for the average consumer.

The most famous Japanese car manufacturer is Honda which is popular in many regions of the world. Honda offers highly affordable cars with known reliability.

A Korean contender in the car industry is Hyundai like Honda it offers highly affordable cars at high quality and reliability, some of its more known models are accent, i-series, Gets and sonata.

Suzuki is a manufacturer that produces cars and motorbikes, earning its reputation for the quality of the products it produces with some of its most known models; Swift, Veteran and Esteem.

Tata an Indian manufacturer has a large variety of cars and other vehicles in production. It is owned by Jaguar one of the more famous brands of Ford. Tata produces cars, three-wheelers, trucks, LGV and HGV.

Due to large amounts of competition, car manufacturers are forced to produce high quality vehicles and offer them at competitive prices to its consumers. Otherwise customers will begin purchasing other brands which offer the product they want at a lower price. As technology advances more features become available to cars and manufacturers have to ensure they have the research and development so they don’t fall behind in the trends.

The Benefits of GPS

Global Positioning System best known as GPS is a popular navigational system being widely adopted over standard maps. It utilises at least 24 satellites in earths orbit functioning in a grid. 6 to 8 satellites are always able to communicate with any specified position on earth at any given time. It allows the average consumer to locate themselves at any place on earth at any time of day.

When it comes to getting a GPS Sat-Nav for your car it is essential to explore the features and functions of each individual sat nav. This will allow you to find the rightSat-Nav for your car, the last thing you want is to end up in the middle of nowhere telling you to take the next non-existant left.

The main functions to consider when buying a Sat-Nav are outlined below:

1. Portability – Is it portable so you can easily move it from one place to another, does it have a battery or is it power supply dependent? Taking time to asses the dimensions and weight of your Sat-Nav and what means it has to be displayed on your dash effectively.

2. Addresses or names of locations – Find reviews online of the user interface, seeing ease of access and difficulty of the system. There is no point purchasing a device that will only cause you more problems than not having one. Ensure that entering your destination and saving them is easy and to your requirements.

3. Voiced directions – Many new Sat-Nav’s offer voiced directions allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and know your next turning making your driving experience less stressful.

4. Route suggestion – No matter how good your Sat-Nav there will always be times you miss a  turn or exit junction. In the case this happens you want a device that will recalculate a route to get you back on track quickly and effectively.

Check around in the reviews for this, while it sounds minimal now you don’t want to be taking a heavily extended route because you didn’t see the turning.

5. Bluetooth compatibility – Sat-Nav’s which have bluetooth compatibility allow for hands-free usage ensuring you can safetly use your device without taking any due attention off the road.

As technology furthers, the features of Sat-Nav’s are advancing; look at the latest Sat-Nav and see if its worth spending that bit extra for something worthwhile.


The Car Repair Industry and You

Various garages and repair shops offer ways to fix cars that may prove difficult at home. Certain difficulties faced during self repairs are overcome with ranges of equipment in garages ranging from car lifts which allow for access to the underside effectively and efficiently to impact-wrench drills which remove stubborn bolts with ease. As technology in cars advances garages see increased customer numbers and profits.

Now with the internet you can do extensive searches for your problems and parts, including nearby garages and what services they offer. You can also find wholesale supplier websites to find parts at a substantial discount to your nearest car part store. However with such a vast access and door order parts the trust in buying has never been so low, quality can be poor and the item can be damaged so ensuring you pick a tried and trusted source is imperative. Look for review’s of companies, parts and asks friend and families for their go to site.

When choosing a garage find out what equipment and services they offer such as car lifts or jacks and axel stands, air compressor pumps, lazer guided tracking or manual, because depending on the standard of equipment it can define the quality of the service that you receive. It may be that travelling a little further to a more equipped garage for your service will save them on labour costs and ultimately save you money and further woes.

When you get your repairs you should see what standard checks can be included; some garages offer a car service at a discount price following repairs to ensure the car is in working order saving you money and time at a later date. Getting wheel alignment done whilst the car is in the garage is also a suggestion as it can prevent wear on tire tread and provide more grip in times of harsh braking.

Car repair – The benefits

The growth of the car repair industry has also lead to a rise in job openings and ultimately decreased unemployment. With the increasing number of vehicles on the road due to increase commuting times and dependence, the need for car technicians who can offer high-quality repair services is respectively increasing. Even within the industry as communications become more key with online presence and telephone presence there is room to climb in larger workplaces to roles such as sales manager.

Make sure you keep your vehicle in top condition. Search around before you get your repairs, there is more choice than ever before.