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The Benefits of GPS

The Benefits of GPS

Global Positioning System best known as GPS is a popular navigational system being widely adopted over standard maps. It utilises at least 24 satellites in earths orbit functioning in a grid. 6 to 8 satellites are always able to communicate with any specified position on earth at any given time. It allows the average consumer to locate themselves at any place on earth at any time of day.

When it comes to getting a GPS Sat-Nav for your car it is essential to explore the features and functions of each individual sat nav. This will allow you to find the rightSat-Nav for your car, the last thing you want is to end up in the middle of nowhere telling you to take the next non-existant left.

The main functions to consider when buying a Sat-Nav are outlined below:

1. Portability – Is it portable so you can easily move it from one place to another, does it have a battery or is it power supply dependent? Taking time to asses the dimensions and weight of your Sat-Nav and what means it has to be displayed on your dash effectively.

2. Addresses or names of locations – Find reviews online of the user interface, seeing ease of access and difficulty of the system. There is no point purchasing a device that will only cause you more problems than not having one. Ensure that entering your destination and saving them is easy and to your requirements.

3. Voiced directions – Many new Sat-Nav’s offer voiced directions allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and know your next turning making your driving experience less stressful.

4. Route suggestion – No matter how good your Sat-Nav there will always be times you miss a  turn or exit junction. In the case this happens you want a device that will recalculate a route to get you back on track quickly and effectively.

Check around in the reviews for this, while it sounds minimal now you don’t want to be taking a heavily extended route because you didn’t see the turning.

5. Bluetooth compatibility – Sat-Nav’s which have bluetooth compatibility allow for hands-free usage ensuring you can safetly use your device without taking any due attention off the road.

As technology furthers, the features of Sat-Nav’s are advancing; look at the latest Sat-Nav and see if its worth spending that bit extra for something worthwhile.


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