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Top Car Companies

Top Car Companies

A huge variety of makes and models of cars are produced in factories all over the world, it is a fast growing and adaptive industry. The car industry dates back over 100 years and shows no sign of slowing down.

We have witnessed the fall of car companies and the rise of other now giants, some listed below:
Toyota is the Car manufacturer that has developed well known models like the Yaris, corolla, dyne, innovate and IQ. Toyota are known for providing good quality cars at a low price.

General motor’s (GM) is a US car giant which is the parent company for many well known brands such as Chevrolet, Hummer, Saturn, Pole, Saab.

The Volkswagen Group is arguably one of the most well known, it is a German car giant which is the parent for many well known car makes such as Audi AG, Skoda, SEAT, Scania and more premium makes such as Bentley and Bugatti.

Another american giant, Ford introduced some of the best and finest models of cars, trucks, tractors and buses known today. They cater to many climates and preferences and generally are affordable for the average consumer.

The most famous Japanese car manufacturer is Honda which is popular in many regions of the world. Honda offers highly affordable cars with known reliability.

A Korean contender in the car industry is Hyundai like Honda it offers highly affordable cars at high quality and reliability, some of its more known models are accent, i-series, Gets and sonata.

Suzuki is a manufacturer that produces cars and motorbikes, earning its reputation for the quality of the products it produces with some of its most known models; Swift, Veteran and Esteem.

Tata an Indian manufacturer has a large variety of cars and other vehicles in production. It is owned by Jaguar one of the more famous brands of Ford. Tata produces cars, three-wheelers, trucks, LGV and HGV.

Due to large amounts of competition, car manufacturers are forced to produce high quality vehicles and offer them at competitive prices to its consumers. Otherwise customers will begin purchasing other brands which offer the product they want at a lower price. As technology advances more features become available to cars and manufacturers have to ensure they have the research and development so they don’t fall behind in the trends.

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